Antun Gustav Matoš (June 13th, 1873 Tovarnik - March 17th, 1914 Zagreb) after graduating from the Vienna Gymnasium he began studying at the Military veterinary School, but he soon dropped out and returned to Zagreb. He published his short story “Power of Conscience” in the “Vijenac” (Wreath) Magazine.

After recruitment he was transferred to Zagreb military school, but he decided to desert because he could not stand the military discipline. After a month of wandering around Croatia, the Austrian-Hungarian authorities arrested him and took him to the Novi Sad prison. He escaped from prison, living like a bohemian, playing the cello at the theatre orchestra, writing literary critics for newspapers and writing literature. Later he wandered around Europe and finally ended up in Geneva where he was forced to give up his cello which he loved very much.

His most famous poems are “The Comfort of the Hair” “Notturno” “Autumn evening” “To a Girl Instead of a Toy "...There is a sculpture of Matos in Zagreb - he is sitting on a bench and watching the Zagreb panorama.

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