Composer and conductor

(August 3rd, 1832 Rijeka - December 16th, 1914 Zagreb) The young Zajc received his musical education at the Milan Conservatory.

Upon his return to Rijeka he accepted the position of the conductor and concertmaster of the Town Theatre Orchestra, and taught stringed instruments in the Philharmonic association. Later he went to Vienna where he was successfully engaged in writing operettas.

His very first piece, “The Lads on the Ship” had great success with the audience and his following works were a confirmation of his success. In Vienna, he wrote his first compositions for a Croatian text, among which the prominent patriotic choir "U boj" (“To Battle”), holds a special place, as it would later be included in the opera” Nikola Subic Zrinjski “.

Upon arriving to Zagreb he became the director and conductor of the first permanent Croatian opera and musical director of the Music School Croatian Institute of Music

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