Dušan Džamonja (January 31st, 1928 Strumica, Macedonia - January 14th, 2009 Zagreb) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and lived and worked in Brussels, Vrsar and Zagreb.

During his career he used a variety of materials for his sculptures, such as iron, bronze, aluminum, etc. His sculptures have been exhibited in esteemed art galleries around the world and today his sculptures are prized pieces of the most eminent museums in the world. The culturally protected monument complex of his home, studio and park in Vrsar is also a part of his legacy. He was engaged in the artistic context of the war period in Croatia, and he is the author of numerous monuments to victims of war.

He is known and admired for his work on graphics, the design of the mosque in Rijeka and a hundred-floor skyscraper. In addition to monumental sculptures made of concrete and the cycle of sculptures of animals, he developed a specific expression in the technique with burnt nails and wood.

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