engineer and urbanist

Milan Lenuci (July 30th, 1849 Karlovac - November 16th, 1924 Zagreb) graduated from the Gymnasium (College preparatory high school) in Zagreb and earned a University diploma at the Vienna School of Technology.

He immediately began working at the technology department at the town hall in Zagreb and quickly became the town engineer, included in all important projects concerning the town of Zagreb. He is most widely known as the creator of the Green Horseshoe - a projects involving construction and arrangement of the King Tomislav Square, Stračević Square, Mažuranić Square and Marulić Square, creating a garden frame of Donji Grad (Lower town).

He introduced the avenue motif into new areas (Medveščak, Zelengaj and Miramarska). He moved the industrial zone to the eastern part of the town. He was inspired by the examples of Vienna and Paris. The beautiful Kraljičin Zdenac (Queen’s Well) at Medvednica Mountain is also one of his projects.

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