The Arcades of the New Cemetery will introduce you with lives of distinctive notable Serbian figures

In 1926 adjacent to the French Military Cemetery, along the wall separating the New Cemetery in Belgrade from Ruzveltova St. another spatial unit had emerged: the Arcades. Its name derives from the initial preliminary design according to which it was anticipated to construct the arch-shaped passages (arcades) instead of the existing wall.

The crypts in this area were given to the families of individuals who played important roles in the social and political life of the City, but were also sold to the wealthier citizens. The following prominent figures were buried at this section: politicians and statesmen Nikola Pašić, Milenko Vesnić, Marko Trifković, Radoslav Agatonović, Vasilij Grđić, Vojislav Marinković, general Janko Vukotić, benefactors Evgenija and Nikola Kiki, sculptor Sreten Stojanović, and many others.

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