Chapel of the Field Marshal Radomir Putnik

This is the chapel of the Serbian Field Marshal Radomir Putnik (1847-1917)
The Chapel of the Field Marshal Radomir Putnik (1847-1917) built 1929, on the central pathway above St. Nicolas’ Church was designed by the architect Aleksandar Vasić. The Chapel was constructed in late Serbian-Byzantine style, made of white marble and decorated with statues of the Serbian soldiers on eternal guard duty, paying tribute to their Field Marshal. The memorial chapel of Putnik is completed by the bronze arch elements with relief crosses, swords and inscription above the entrance: „To the Field Marshal, Grateful Fatherland“. The chapel was erected as a part of the activities including the ceremonial transfer of the „Meritorious Citizens “ to their final resting place and advertising the contest for the preliminary designs of the monuments for the merit to the fatherland.
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