Iverskaya Chapel

The copy of famous Iverskaya Chapel is raised in 1931 in the Russian Necropolis of the New Cemetery in Belgrade.

This chapel is modeled after well known Kremlin Iverskaya Chapel and it was built back in 1931 in Belgrade, and was fully restored in 2014. The original Iverskaya chapel was demolished in Moscow in 1929. Having heard about the incident, the Russians in exile who lived in Belgrade made a foundation and very quickly they raised money to build a copy of the Iverskaya Chapel in Belgrade. The decision was made to build the Iverskaya Chapel in the Russian Necroopolis, near the graves where Russian refugees have been buried since 1920. The design for the chapel was done by Valery Vladimirovich Stashevsky, the Russian construction engineer who also designed plans for the Russian Church in Tasmajdan. Metropolitan Varnava and Russian Metropolitan Antonii had consecrated the Chapel on June 6, 1931 and on that occasion the copy of the miraculous Icon of Iverskaya Virgin was transferred from the Russian Church at Tasmajdan. The icon is now housed in Belgrade National Museum.

The remains of the prominent Russian Church figures, including the Metropolitan Anthony Khrapovicky were buried in the Chapel Crypt. 

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