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The New Cemetery in Belgrade was founded in 1886, and it was among the very first cemeteries in Serbia that were built according to the principles of urban planning.

In August 2016, the New Cemetery in Belgrade marked 130 years of its existence. For nearly one and a half century this precious and in so many ways distinctive architectural and symbolic area of Belgrade have kept the memory on countless authentic Serbian people. As an omnipresent chronicler of the city and the country it mirrors the fate of the entire nation. These 130 years have been exciting years of advancement and growth and the Public Communal Company of the City of Belgrade “Funeral Services” pledges to provide even more in the upcoming years.

Owing to the initiative of Serbian surgeon, writer, politician and the first rate intellectual Dr Vladan Djordjevic, the New Cemetery was opened in 1886. Designed upon the patterns of the contemporary European cemeteries it was one of the first architecturally and systematically planned cemeteries in Serbia.
The New Cemetery in Belgrade is the eternal resting place for more than 700 000 people and it encompasses and preserves 48000 graves, 37 family chapels, about 1500 sculptures made by more than 130 exceptional sculptors of different generations.

Having considered the impressive memorial, cultural, historical and artistic values and the exceptional number of prominent figures who are buried there, the New Cemetery in Belgrade has been registered since 1983 in the Central Register of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Serbia as the state’s cultural and historical heritage of a great importance.

Recognized as an Open Air Museum due to its historical and memorial resources, its refined aesthetisation and highly rated artistic achievements, but also as an evidence of the intangible cultural heritage related to the culture of death, this exclusive topos of memory gained its place among prestigious members of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE) since 2004 and it is part of European Cemeteries Route.

The New Cemetery in Belgrade
Ruzveltova 50
11000 Belgrade Serbia
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e-mail: bojana.kisin@beogradskagroblja.rs
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