Alley of the Fallen Patriots

The Alley of the Fallen Patriots 1941-1944, is located next to the Alley of Distinguished Citizens, between the plots no. 30 and 33.
The Alley of the Fallen Patriots 1941-1944 was regulated in 1959 according to the designs of the architects Bogdan Bogdanović and Svetislav Ličina, at the initiative of the Union of the Yugoslav People’s Liberation War Veterans. On the left side from the Alley's entrance, there is a presentation of the Terazije City Square with five stylized bronze columns with candelabras, symbolizing the electric poles on the Terazije Square where five patriots were hanged by the Germans on August 17, 1941. In the central area, there is a mass grave site with grass mound above, where the remains of 1.057 soldiers killed in the occupied Belgrade and other persons died in the Concentration Camps were laid to rest.
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