Alley of the Greats

The Alley of the Greats was the first spatial unit at the New Cemetery in Belgrade intended for burial of the prominent figures in social, political and cultural life of Serbia

Having purchased the land for the French Military Cemetery in 1922, the New Cemetery was further expanded and the Alley of the Greats was established planned for burial of individuals of exceptional national importance. The remains of the Serbian prominent national figures were systematically transferred into the newly built crypts of the Alley of the Greats.

The Construction of the crypts lasted from 1926 until 1927. Within this spatial unit from Arcades on the North side to the Alley of the Fallen Patriots to the South, there are more than 20 family tombs of the prominent individuals of XIX and XX century. The remains of Ilija Milosavljević-Kolarac, Stevan Vladislav Kaćanski, Milan Kujundžic-Aberdar, previously relocated from the Old Tašmajdan Cemetery were laid to rest in the Alley. The spatial unit of the Alley of the Greats is completed by the three Chapels built according to the designs of the renowned Serbian and Russian architects.

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