Ropa Monument, 1947

Church courtyard, west portico

The marble work is dedicated to Alfonso Ropa (1886-1945), the tobacconist killed in his shop a few days before the Liberation by a soldier of the allied forces. The sculpture depicts a young girl in mourning, kneeling on the ground while scattering flowers on the grave.

The work's strong visual impact is accented by its composition, which allows the viewer to admire and appreciate it from all points of view, presenting itself as a modern reinterpretation of the various neoclassical "Weeping" statues by Giovanni Putti. A valued and respected artist, Renaud Martelli (1910-1995) is definitely one of the most active sculptors at Certosa, where there are dozens of his works in marble and bronze of all sizes and workmanship, all signed and dated.

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