Matteucci Monument, 1882

Fifth or Main Cloister, west portico
For this monument Carlo Parmeggiani (1850-1918) chose the iconographic theme of "lying", which recalls the image of the ancient theme of eternal rest. The element that most stands out is the presence of an animal skin beneath the resting figure of the deceased. Its presence recalls the activities of Pellegrino Matteucci (1850-1881).

Originally from Ravenna, he undertook several eventful expeditions to Africa that were full of mishaps that eventually undermined his health to the point of taking his life.
A further reference to his activity as an explorer is the bas-relief carved on the front of the sarcophagus portraying an African landscape, while to the right is depicted the display of the coffin in London before returning to Bologna, where the body received a huge welcome. The arch was granted free of charge by the city, and realised through public fundraising. The marble work was done by Parmeggiani, whose most famous work is the monument to Ugo Bassi located on the street of the same name in the city's historic centre.
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