Vogli Monument, 1811-1813

Sacerdoti fence

Dated around 1811 and 1813, the monument celebrate Giuseppe Vogli (1733-1808) a canonical monk of the Collegiate of San Petronio's norm and member of Collegio dei Dotti.
The sculpture group was placed inside the Recinto dei Sacerdoti. Its erection had been wanted by his students as a celebrating memory of their university teacher.

The architecture, Giuseppe Nadi's first idea for the design, was developed in the following years by Giacomo De Maria.
The sculpture is reminiscent of the Canova style, and in its allegorical themes is deeply related to the religious iconography of the time; the Charity (on the left), dressed in a classical robe in chiseled and plastic lines, accompanied by a child; the History (on the right) wrapped in funeral robes and in the allegorical gesture of the dolorous Prayer. On the center, a funereal urn is located in a classical ara. The central part of the base shows an ornamentation, similar to the Beccadelli Grimaldi's tomb, with the circular medallion decorated by the portrait of the defunct, in profile. The typical model, dated from the beginnings of 1800, may be substituted in the followin years by a classical bust or by an Erma.

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