Lamberti Monument, 1936

Tenth Cloister
This work features strong elements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco in its great marble rendering of the Soul ascending to the light of faith, which deviates from the purely celebratory and solemn style characteristic of previous public commissions by the sculptor, situated in Certosa's 6th Cloister.
A multifaceted artist, trained in Florence by Augusto Rivalta, Ercole Drei (1886-1973) arrived in Bologna in 1927 with his appointment as professor of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, a position he would retain for 30 years and would not abandon even after moving to Rome.
Some of his Bolognese students included Luciano Minguzzi, Farpi Vignoli and Venanzio Baccilieri, all active at Certosa.
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