Pantheon Room - Waiting Room, 1828-2008

The original Prior's cell was transformed into a Pantheon of Illustrious Bolognese at the request of the city government.

Finished in 1828 based on a design by Giuseppe Tubertini (1759-1831), it was decorated with a painting on the ceiling by Filippo Pedrini (1763-1856) depicting Religion triumphant and sitting near the Temple of Immortality, in the act of granting Felsina, led to her in front of Genius, the requested immortality to complete the glory of the homeland of many of its children". Over the course of more than a century dozens of busts portraying famous citizens were placed there, then moved several times starting in the Fascist period, and now finally in the safekeeping of MAMbo.

The current aspect is due to renovations requested by a group of patrons who, thanks to the artistic work of Flavio Favelli (b. 1967), in 2008 realised the Waiting Room, a space dedicated to funeral ceremonies yet devoid of religious connotations.

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