Maria Badini Monument, 1826

Loggiato of the Tombs

The monument is due to the sculptor Alessandro Franceschi (1789-1834).
The iconography represents the meeting between life and death. The sculptor Franceschi portrays Maria Badini's child and husband coming to her, accompanying her last journey. The two figures follow the tradition of Aeneid classical gestures: the child is offering a garland to his father, who is dressed with the traditional Latin tunic.
Exponent of the Bologna neoclassicism, Alessandro Franceschi followed the picture and design lessons of Giovanni Battista Frulli. Then he was at the Giacomo De Maria sculpture school. He won a number of awards, like the prestigious Curlandese price in 1816. He moved to Rome in 1818 and in the following years his neoclassical eclecticism met the pure iconography of the classical Antiques. In Perugia and Firenze, Franceschini refined his style on the last Canova sculptures.

The Badini' funerary monument in Certosa signed his greatest work after his return to Bologna in 1821.

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