Salina Amorini Bolognini Chapel, 1907

Colombario Hall, third transept
Designed in 1907, the chapel has an octagonal architectural design with a dome on top. Edoardo Collamarini (1863-1928) proposes a building in historicist style completely in line with the taste of the time, reinterpreting Tuscan Renaissance architecture. The lower part houses a subterranean crypt intended for burials, accessed by means of a suitably hidden spiral staircase.
The elegant design is completed with floors richly decorated with polychrome marbles and alabaster slabs positioned along the back wall, thus functioning as windows. Also present is a portrait of Silverio Montaguti (1863-1928) and a great relief made by Giuseppe Pacchioni (1863-1928) prior to the realisation of the chapel but owned by the family and dedicated to Luigi Salina (1763-1845).
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