Albertoni Cellar, 1908

Fifth or Main Cloister, east portico
The Albertoni's cellar was acquired by Sofia Benati as memorial for Anna Maria Albertoni, her daughter, died in 1907. Her father, Pietro Albertoni, was professor at the department of physiology at the Bologna University. This monument, of the more elegant design in white marble by Giuseppe Romagnoli, shows the adhesion of the great artist to the Liberty creative period around the 1908. In this time he was near Bistofi and the Nouveau Symbolism.
A ornament of lilies creates the cornice for the four girls in sculptured relief who beholds and accompanies the defunct inher journey afterlife's. The influx of Bistofi and the poetic reminiscences of Pascoli Elegiac of «Il dolore confortato dalle memorie» by Leonardo Bistolfi, dated around 1901, seems to be interpreted by Romagnoli without philosophical excesses but more elegant plasticity.
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