Murat Monument, 1864

Angels Gallery

From 1864, on the level of the third transept of the Colombario apse, the sculpture of Gioacchino Murat, king of Naple, is erected on the marchese Letizia Murat Pepoli's tombstone, his daughter.

The sculpture is in Carrara marble stone. The realism of the sculptor Vincenzo Vela is almost pictorial in the lines of the elegant uniform and neoclassic in the iconic posture of Napoleonic vogue.
The sculpture represents, in an astonished profusion of details, the Napoleonic uniforms copied from the hussar's style. The posture recreates the romantic icon of hero inaugurated by the French military symbolism.

The eclectic realism lets emerging again the emphasis of the civic nature of the cemetery architecture in the XIX century.

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