Montanari Monument, 1891

Seventh Cloister
The monument celebrating the Montari's family is an exceptional example of Decadentism and Liberty style between the sculptures of Certosa. It was designed in 1891 by the architect Attilio Muggia (1861-1936) and realized by the sculptor Diego Sarti (1861-1914). The idea, modern in the composition of figures and eclectic in the lines, was erected as a sarcophagus in white marble with quadrangular columns, supported by a basement above which to dispose the group of statues in natural realistic postures. On the sarcophagus sits in natural pose a young Mercury who seems indifferent of the tragedy, while on the basement step a girl prostrated for the pain and with the assorted pose that looks blindly to the nothingness of death, keeping near her flowers elegantly disposed. The skillfulness in the dress lines, the minutely particular way in which the hair and postures are designated, recalls the eclectic realism of the nineteenth century.
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