Rivieri Folesani Monument, 1801

Third Cloister

The commemorative painted wall tomb of Tarsizio Rivieri Folesani (1758-1801) represents the first funerary monument of the cemetery. The tomb celebrates the life after death, with allegorical emphasis and figures.
The artist and ornamentalist Flaminio Minozzi repeated often, in his latest works, this symbolic theme. On the background is a pyramid, symbol of life after death, at which side are cypress row.
The sarcophagus, which is another Egyptian symbol, is painted in an open space. Personified figures and emblems remember the deceased activity. Riviera, anatomist and surgeon, had been president of the Health Commission, then the idea is to allegorically celebrate the deceased while celebrating the city institution.
The fresco represents the allegory of Medicina, portrayed with a garland on her head, the cock at her right side and the Esculapio rod in her left hand. The figure dominates the geometric scheme looking above to the sky and imploring the immortality of the deceased.

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