Goldoni Chapel

Campo Ospedali

The Chapel was built in memory of the Goldoni family, well-known Bologna industrialists. It was designed by Giuseppe Vaccaro (1896 - 1970) of Bologna, a civil engineer and pupil of Muggia who also built the headquarters of Bologna’s Faculty of Engineering.

Amerigo Tot (1909 - 1984), a Hungarian sculptor, actor and painter, also worked on the Chapel, creating the large bas-relief depicting the Universal Judgement sculpted on the entire facade. The architectural simplicity of modernist taste combined with the use of white marble gives it subtle emotion, from which the screams and shouts of the people struck by divine judgement powerfully and silently emerge, as emphasised by the epigraph on the architrave.
The character used to create it was specially designed by Vaccaro for this work.

Note within the bas-relief the figure of Christ placed high up in the centre, barely recognisable among the many swirling souls. What emerges from a contemplation of this work is how perfection can be achieved from the simplicity and purity of architectural design.

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