Pepoli Chapel, 1868

Loggia of the Colombario Hall

The sacred iconography of the sculptor Massimiliano Putti retains the roman Purism near the solutions of natural sublime made by the danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. The group recalls in an elusive language the Christ for the Copenhagen Cathedral: here he gives protection on the journey to Paradise to the souls that are praying to him.

In the period 1830, '50 and '60, Massimiliano Putti would replace the role that his father Giovanni had had on the funeral commemorative and monumental sculptures of the Bologna artistic tradition. This important role, parallel to academic teachings, he would maintain about forty years. His portraits' sculptures of famous citizens made for the Certosa Pantheon, exemplified this role. Between his most famous works are the allegorical representation of marmoreal monument in celebration of the Princes of the Pallavicini Centurioni house. It represent a interesting stylistic language, two sarcophaguses of Egyptian designs and style above which the Peace Angel flies. The figure recall the Masonic political belief of the Prince.

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