Martinelli tomb, 1807

Third Cloister

The tomb celebrating Vincenzo Martinelli (1737-1807), the greatest bolognese painter in vedute of the second half of XVIII century and master of the first Neoclassicism, was painted by Pietro Fancelli (1764-1850), his friend and collaborator.

Fancelli represents, in an en plein air prospective vision, the eclectic idea of a commemorative tomb.

In the foreground is the allegory of Painting, in the classical gesture and looking at the painter's portrait beared by a crowned Genius.
Fancelli gave formal recognition to the city community, which financed the commemorative tomb, picturing on the far background, behind cypresses and willows, the Two Towers, Asinelli and Garisenda.

Pietro Facinelli was, together Antonio Basoli, among the leading painters who realized the prospective frescos of landscapes, on the arches of the Cloister.
He was born in Bologna in 1765. His father was the ornamentalist and painter Petronio Facinelli.
In Bologna he reached fame winning several awards: in 1784 the Marsili award, in 1785 and 1787 the Fiori award, and in 1791 the Curlandese award.

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